White Rustic - Luxury Dough Bowl Candle

White Rustic - Luxury Dough Bowl Candle

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This beautiful candle serves as a stunning centerpiece for any room in your home. It adds the perfect amount of decor and the right amount of fragrance. The bowls dimensions are approximately (11x6x2.5). Once the candle is done, it can be reused or repurposed for anything you choose.

Each bowl is unique. Expect slight differences in shape or chips due to them being handmade and hand carved. The bowls are filled with all natural soy wax, premium grade non-toxic fragrances, and have (3) 100% cotton wicks.

*Disclaimer- Rose Petals and lavender or vanilla Lavender scented candles are the only ones that come with rose petals or lavender buds.

* Burn time is approximate 45-60 hours.

Tips for burning candles

Burn for a minimum of 2 hours for the first time you light your candle
Always place on a flat heat safe surface
Trim wicks prior to each use, and periodically for a better burning experience with your candle wick
Keep away from drafts, i.e. open windows, vents, or fans